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Ivybot Review

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Ivybot is a forex trading robot that was introduced to the foreign exchange market during last month. If you search on internet for ivybot review you will see lot of sites with hyped claims. But is ivybot really worth your money and time?ivybot review
We all know that forex trading is not an easy game and if somebody is going to make a currency trading software or the so called forex robot which really makes money while you sleep, then they won’t sell it. They would rather use for their own trading and keep all the profits. That being said there are few such software which actually works. Let’s review ivybot and see if it really works or is it yet another scam.

The major selling point of Ivybot is that it is not just one software. Instead it is a full system which gives several software applications which are custom made for each for currency pair. I have downloaded the ivybot package and got 4 currency trading software and couple of pdf guides including the installation manual. The installation process is pretty straight forward. It was really easy to get it installed and the manual is well written. However in my opinion the ivybot guys need to update the manual with more details about custom Ivybot settings. I don’t think everyone will be happy about the default settings.
It is too early give a solid review conclusion. However since I started the ivybot review process the software only made two trades both in USD/JPY. It looks like Ivybot has missed some good trading opportunities though both the trades the robot entered have resulted in profit.
So here is my Ivybot review conclusion. If you are running low of funds then wait till two or three months more and I should be able to give an exact outcome. If you are ready to take the challenge, go ahead and download ivybot and test it yourself. You have two months money back guarantee. Utilize it. 😉

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