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How to Stop Stammering

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stammeringStammering is a disorder which obstructs the normal flow and timing of speech. Stammering which is also called stuttering can seriously affect a person’s ability to communicate with others. Last week I was at the local hardware shop to buy a tire pressure gauge and another guy came to buy a hand tool for his metal stamping shop. The guy was stammering and was struggling to explain the tools he needed.
Typically, when a person suffering from stammer trying to speak may be interrupted by repetition of a syllable or prolongation of the sound.
Stammering can be found in children as well as adults. Mostly stammering affects in young age. Though the precise causes of stammering is not yet discovered, there are various treatments and stuttering therapy available to stop stammering.
According to the BBC health, There’s no cure for a stammer, but many therapies can make a difference. One simple approach that helps many people is simply to speak more slowly.

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