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Kanzius Machine

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On 18th October, 2009 exactly after 8 months since John S. Kanzius died I noticed a lot of people are searching on google for kanzius machine. Most of them wanted to know if kanzius machine could really cure cancer. Before we find the answer let us find out more about kanzius machine and the creator behind this.
Kanzius Machine

What is kanzius machine?

Kanzius machine is a radio wave device invented by John S. Kanzius. This invention by the former radio technician is believed to be a ground breaking progress in the cancer treatment. The Amaerican who died at the age of 64, invented a kanzius machine which got the potential to treat the deadly disease, inspired by his own battle with cancer.

How Kanzius machine works:

In Kanzius machine, one box sends radio waves over to the other, generating enough energy to activate gas in a fluorescent light. These radio waves are harmless to humans. With Kanzius machine, John had found a way eliminate cancer cells without the collateral damage caused by chemotherapy. Today, John’s invention is in the laboratories of 2 main research centers, the University of Pittsburgh and M.D. Anderson where the researches are testing the machine.

There are alternative medicines and natural remedies for cancer treatment at home without harful side effects. But Kanzius Machine is the first radio wave device which could treat cancer without side effects.

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