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Keloid Scar Removal at Home

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Are you suffering from keloid scar which is killing the appearance of your skin? You should get the keloid scar treatment as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we are here to help. In fact you don’t have to go for expensive surgeries or laser skin treatments to get rid of these scars. You can treat the scar right home. Before we go into the details of keloid scar removal at home, let’s see what keloid scar is and what causes it.

Keloid ScarWhat is Keloid Scar?
Keloid scar is the result of a damage that happened deep within the skin tissue. You know that our body has the ability to heal wounds naturally. Similarly when a skin tissue gets injured your body tries to heal it and this will result in raised lesion on your skin. In case of a keloid scar it gets worse over the time since the Keloid scar extends beyond the original injury site gradually. Hence it is important that you get proper scar removal treatment to get rid off keloid scars.

What causes Keloid Scars?
As I mentioned earlier the keloid scar is caused by injuries on skin tissue. These injuries that cause keloid scars include acne, cutes, surgery, diseases like chickenpox, and other skin diseases and infections.

Keloid scars often confused with hypertrophic scars. Both are variations of typical healing process of our body. When your body gets a normal cut or injury, the typical wounds take between 6 and 8 weeks to achieve a balance for person with healthy skin. During this stage, the scar develops and thickens. As time passes this thick scar will usually fade and flatten into leveled out mark. Once the scar is leveled out it will continue to fade over time and will achieve the natural skin complexion.
On the other hand, keloid scars occur when there is an imbalance in this natural healing process. In this case rather than flattening and getting leveled, the skin produces an excess of collagen. This excess amount of collagen causes the scar to grow up and remains elevated above the skin due to the excessive tissue produced. Keloid scars contain collagen in wide, pink bundles that are not present in the hypertrophic.

Who can contract Keloid Scar?
Certain groups of people are most often affected by keloid scars than others. Usually this of type scars are found more in those between the ages of 10-30 while the newborns and elderly are least likely to get keloid scars.

Keloid Scar Removal
The keloid scar removal treatment will vary depending on the patient and area where you have the scar.

  1. Prevention is better than cure in case of keloid scars as well.
  2. Avoid injuries and unnecessary surgery if you are prone to keloid scars.
  3. If you get injured close wounds with minimal tension, and ensure that incisions follow skin creases.
  4. If a keloid still arises, patients can opt for skin treatments such as medications, scar removal creams, surgery and injections.

Some of these treatments are highly expensive while other remedies can cause damages to skin. I suggest you to try the natural scar removal secrets to remove keloid scar at home without side effects

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