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Forex Brilliance Review

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Forex Brilliance ReviewThe Forex Brilliance robot is being launched today. The last two days witnessed the realese of two major forex trading robots in the foreign exchange market. First it was Forex Black Panther which was released on 23rd March and now on 24th March another major forex trading system, the Forex Brilliance is released. If you search on google for Forex Brilliance review you would probably come across hundreds of sites. But you would hardly find any real reviews of Forex Brilliance. Most of them are promotional in nature that entices you to buy Forex Brilliance. In fact it is too early for anyone to write a review on Forex Brilliance robot. Very few guys who did a Forex Brilliance review had openly admitted that they are still waiting for the feedback from actual customers. At least they need to get their hands on the Forex Brilliance system before they can test and review.

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I have also come across videos and power point slide presentations on Forex Brilliance review though some of them were just advertisements. Few guys created short presentations like the one displayed below.

What is Forex Brilliance?
The Forex Brilliance is an automated currency trading system. It consists of 4 different forex trading robots including the New Generation EUR/USD robot and their best performing Platinum USD/JPY robot. Each forex robot deals with a specific currency pair. The original plan Bryan, the developer of The Forex Brilliance was release them as individual products. However after discussing with many forex traders he had decided to combine them into one package. This is good for us, since most of us trade in more than one currency pairs.

What is Included in the Forex Brilliance System?
1. The GBP/USD Forex Brilliance Robot
2. The USD/CHF Forex Brilliance Robot
3. The Platinum USD/JPY Forex Brilliance Robot and
4. The New Generation EUR/USD Robot.

You will also get detailed manuals, video training. Since the developers are real traders you can always expect good support from them.

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