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Zygor Guide Review

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Are you an avid gamer and fan of World of Warcraft? With the major update to World of Warcraft ever released, many gamers have found themselves having to learn from scratch and start the game from the ground up. As anyone who has played WoW for any length of time can tell you, that’s a pretty disheartening thought in some ways. Of course, Cataclysm brings new races and new adventures but man, leveling up to the point where you can really have fun with it can take FOREVER!

Well, I should say it used to take forever because Zygor Guides 3.0 takes the pain out of the tedium that grinding up through levels brings. Their famous interactive guides have been completely redone for Cataclysm and they’ve even added four new guides to take you from 1-60 in record time with the new Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Let’s take a detailed review of Zygor leveling Guides

Don’t worry – whether you’re with the Alliance or the Horde, Zygor Guides has you covered with:

  • 4 guides (1-60) for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms that cover 40 zones
  • 2 guides (60-70) for Outland and Northrend
  • 5 guides (80-85) for all the Cataclysm zones
  • starter guides for the 2 new races, Goblin and Worgen

Eliminate Grinding
Grinding is doing those stupid monotonous things over and over and over in order to get to a new level. Without some assistance like that found in Zygor Guides 3.0, most people will have to do days or even weeks of grinding before they can get to the higher levels. There are many things that are unavailable to you until you reach at least level 80 so most players want to get there as soon as they can.

Of course, if you’re brand new to WoW, the entire thing is going to be new and exciting to you. It’s mainly the more experienced players who find the guides most useful. Whenever they need or want to create a new character, it’s a real drag to have to wait days in order to use that character where you want.

With Zygor guides, instead of the endless, mind-numbing grinding, you will level up fast and while doing nothing but quests. You’ll actually enjoy the process and may find yourself creating new characters a lot more often than you did before.

Zygor Guide Demo Video:
Below is a video showing Zygor leveling guide in action.

Developed By Expert WoW Players
The key difference between Zygor Guides and that of competitors is that Zygor Guides are created by WoW expert players. These are tested, tried and true ways to level up faster than you ever thought possible. All the guides are comprehensively tested by real players to make sure every little detail is covered. That vast body of knowledge is integrated into all Zygor Guides to ensure that you can go from 1-85 in as little time as possible.

    Zygor Guides 3.0 Features:

  • New sleeker interface that takes up 30% less screen space than previous versions
  • Works within the game so you don’t have to toggle back and forth between the game and the guide like with other products
  • Works with any Windows version as well as with the Mac
  • Choice of full screen or mini-step modes (flip back and forth with one click)
  • Custom built onscreen arrow shows you exactly where to go next
  • Covers 12 more zones than the nearest competitor
  • Properietary SIS (Smart Injection System) keeps the guide in sync so no more waiting for the guide to catch up when you speed ahead
  • Talent advisor shows you the best way to use those talent points, every class included
  • Super easy installation wizard has you using the guide within minutes after purchase
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Fully compliant with Blizzard’s addon policies so you won’t lose your account
  • Members only forum where you can get support or trade ideas with fellow players

    Zygor Guide Bonuses:

    As if you weren’t getting enough for the measly $60 the Zygor Guides 3.0 goes for, they’ve thrown in a veritable ton of valuable bonuses. Hurry, though, many of the bonuses are only for a limited time or a limited number of buyers.

  • Archeology Profession Guide – now you can find all the best stuff quickly and easily
  • Guild Leveling Perks Guide – now that Cataclysm allows the guild to level up, you need this new guide
  • Death Knight Class Guide – everything you need to master this new Death Knight class
  • Inscription Profession Leveling Guide – level to 450 with this guide and make a fortune selling high level Glyphs on the side
  • Auctioneer Appraiser Guide – make a ton of gold at the auction house with this guide
  • Food and Drink Stats Guide – complete guide to the value and benefit for every food and drink item to be found in the game

Download Zygor Leveling Guide Here..

Zygor Guide Free Trial
Not sure if Zygor Guides 3.0 is right for you? Not sure if you want just one side or the other, or the full Leveling Elite Bundle? Not a problem. Sign up on the site and get a free trial to for Alliance or Horde (or sign up for both!). You’ll get a fully functioning trial from 1-20 so you can test it out for yourself before buying.

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