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PS3 LightsFix Review

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PS3 LightsFix Sony PlayStation Repair Guide to Save Time and Money and Eliminate the Yellow Light of Death.

So your PS3 is again displaying the flashing redlight error or some other common errors? The Playstation 3 is one of the most popular video game consoles on the market but sadly, Sony released it with a few bugs that have been frustrating gamers since it came out. These bugs are known as the yellow light of death to many, with errors also called the dreaded red screen, the flashing red light or the flashing green light. All of these troubles result in a gamer being unable to continue to play the game and the errors happen often enough to have the gamer community pretty ticked off. PS3 LightsFix review

When one of these PS3 errors occur, the only solution has been to get in touch with Sony customer support and send the unit to them for repairs. Although the errors are caused by bugs, Sony still charges anywhere from $150 to $200 average to make the repairs. Other complaints include the length of time you are out your Play Station, with some cases taking six weeks, and the fact that Sony quite often sends you back a refurbished unit, rather than a new one. And worst of all, from an avid gamer’s standpoint, they almost always entirely wipe the hard drive so that you have to start from the beginning again with all your saved games.

Finally, one-person has stood up for the gaming community and prepared a product that will guide you on how to repair your Playstation 3 yourself, right at home. You will save yourself a lot of money over time (most people see these errors multiple times) and never have to worry about missing your dear Playstation 3 for many weeks. You will also maintain that treasured, hard-won data for all your saved games and that’s the most valuable thing to a real gamer, isn’t it?

Rob Sheffield – Creator of PS3 LightsFix
Rob Sheffield has been a certified PlayStation3 service man for more than four years. He knows all the errors and more importantly, how to fix and even prevent those errors. Sheffield grew tired of seeing gamers getting taking for a ride by Sony, charging them for repairs over bugs that should be fixed by the company. He knew that almost all the common errors could be fixed by a reasonably handy person in less than an hour, if only they knew how to do it. So he set about creating a product that will show you exactly how to fix the issues that cause so many of the errors.

    PS3 LightsFix Guide promises that you:

  • Won’t have to wait six weeks to get your unit repaired
  • Won’t have to spend $150 or more to get your unit repaired
  • Will be able to permanently fix the yellow/green/red “light of death”
  • Will be able to permanently fix the “red screen of death”
  • Will be able to fix disk read errors and the Blu-Ray drive
  • Never have to wipe your hard drive, losing that hard-won game data

What You Need to Fix Your Playstation 3:
Sheffield’s PS3 LightsFix doesn’t take any fancy tools or equipment. In fact, you only need five things on hand to be able to repair your console:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Toothpaste (just wait until you see what you can do with toothpaste!)
  • Your computer
  • An internet connection

What You Get with PS3 LightsFix
Sheffield has gone all out to ensure that his customers can easily fix the errors that come up with their Playstation 3 and provides a comprehensive training resource. PS3 LightsFix is a private membership site where all the materials and more are contained.

    You will find:

  • A comprehensive, highly detailed instruction manual complete with many pictures so you can see exactly what you should be doing and seeing while you repair your PS3
  • Follow along video series for those who learn better by watching then reading with every step of the repair process documented
  • Members area and forum, where you will find all the materials as well as be able to communicate easily with other gamers
  • 24/7 customer support, via email or telephone, so you’ll never stay stuck for long

PS3 LightsFix Bonuses You’ll Love
When you purchase PS3 LightsFix, you will also get two bonus guides, similar to those selling for upwards of $37 elsewhere:

How to Get a Stuck Disk Out! – This guide will show you how to get your disk back out if it gets stuck when you experience the yellow/red “light of death”. Have your game back safe and sound in five minutes, so you can get on with fixing the issue.

Download PS3 LightsFix Here…

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