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Gallstones Causes and Symptoms

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Understanding the Causes of Gallstones
Many people have gallstones for long periods of time without even knowing it. This is because they have not yet experienced any symptoms of this condition. In the majority of cases gallstones are simply deposits of cholesterol that form in the gall bladder. This most often occurs when the body consumes too much food containing cholesterol. Although some cholesterol is necessary for the health of the body this is produced in adequate amounts by the liver. Basically this means that a person does not need to consume foods containing cholesterol in order to meet these needs.
Although it is possible to have gall stones for long periods of time without knowing it over time symptoms will eventually manifest. The first and most notably noticeable symptom of gallstones is generally a pain in the upper middle or right of the stomach. These painful attacks can last from anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and can occur at any time. They are however often more prevalent following eating particularly fatty or fried foods. Other symptoms that may indicate the presence of gall stones include nausea, gas, indigestion and bloating. These symptoms will often be most notable within an hour or two after eating especially when eating foods containing cholesterol.

Although a large majority of individuals choose to have their gall bladder removed in order to rid themselves of gallstones this is often ineffective. This is because gallstones are caused largely by the food you eat therefore it is necessary to change your diet to experience a reduction in the symptoms of gallstones. The first step is to remove or at least greatly reduce cholesterol from your diet. This one step alone will produce almost immediate relief of the symptoms of gallstones for a great many people. The second step to naturally eradicate gallstones is to use a herbal compound to flush the gallstones from your system.

It is important for anyone affected by gallstones to understand that gall bladder surgery is not always the best option for relief of this condition. In many cases this is not even the best course of action. Surgical intervention should be reserved for severe cases in which other treatment options have failed. Changing your eating habits can greatly reduce the size of gallstones making it much easier for them to pass through and out of your body. In addition to this natural detoxification methods can also be quite effective at reducing gallstones as well.
As you can see there are several methods in which gallstones can be treated and dealt with. It is important however that you seek the advice and counsel of a health care professional in order to determine how severe the problem is. Once this is done your doctor will advise you about the best course of treatment to deal with the problem.

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