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Top Travel Destinations in Asia

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Asian is a continent with diverse culture and geography. The Asian continent has plenty of stunning travel destinations that are very different from America and Europe. From the stunning tropical islands in Thailand and Bali to the ice covered Himalayas, Asian is a paradise for travelers who love diversity. With such diversity, it is understandable that you will often end up with the dilemma of not knowing where to go during your travel. To make your life easy, let me tell you some of the top travel destinations in Asia.


The Kingdome of Thailand is the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia. Travel to Bangkok and enjoy the city life. The capital of Thailand is a shoppers paradise with plenty of shopping malls and department stores. From Bangkok head over to one of the beautiful islands of Thailand to relax and have fun in the ocean. Thailand also has plenty of temples and beautiful hill stations like Chiangmai for those who love cool climate.


When you hear about China, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the industrial revolution and Chinese products. Guilin But do you know that some of the most exciting travel destinations in Asia are located in China? Visit to Beijing the capital of China to see the modern China. While you are in Beijing don’t miss the Shaolin Kung Fu show and don’t forget to taste the famous peaking duck. The Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world is an amazing spot to visit. While I was on the top of the great wall of China, I was thinking about hard work and sacrifice done by millions of Chinese people to build it.
Situated in the banks of Li River is Guilin, which is perhaps the most popular tourist detonations in China. The unique scenery of this geography is what makes Guilin special.


Japan is perhaps the most visited Asian country by Americans. Tokyo is a crowded city with lots of things to see. The buzzing nightlife, shopping and theme parks will keep you busy in Tokyo. Go to Fuji mounts to see the beautiful ice covered volcano which has over the years became an icon of Japan. Visit Japan during the Sakura festival to witness the beautiful cherry blossom everywhere on the streets. It is a stunning view which you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

If you love beaches, Bali is a must place to visit. Bali is the most popular travel destination among Australian tourists. With superb beaches, nightlife and party, Bali is an excellent choice for those who love sun and sand.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Why on the earth should I visit Vietnam? I can hear you screaming. But a visit to Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay will change all that attitude. A UNESCO world heritage spot, HaLong Bay is true wonder. The area of approximately 1550Square kilometers of bay is full of lime stones protruding from the surface of the water. Take a HaLong Bay cruise and enjoy a ride in the night through this magnificent place on earth.

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