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Quicken Premier

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How do you manage your personal finance, investments and assets? Are you spending lot of money to your accountant to keep things organized? Are you paying huge sums to portfolio management firms to manage your investments? Quicken Premier is a software which will let you do this with ease. Some of the main features of […]

Kanzius Machine

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On 18th October, 2009 exactly after 8 months since John S. Kanzius died I noticed a lot of people are searching on google for kanzius machine. Most of them wanted to know if kanzius machine could really cure cancer. Before we find the answer let us find out more about kanzius machine and the creator […]

Samsung HDTV

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I was at the local mall walking through the electronics section. I have noticed that HDTV prices have gone down drastically compared what it was few years back. The Samsung HDTV models seems to be still popular among customer. Samsung, the Korean electronics giant really knows their stuff. LG is another big player in the […]

Air Purifier for Small Room

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I am planning to get an air purifier for my home office. The room is relatively small in size. Hence I guess a portable type air purifier will do the job. I have been going through many air purifier review sites, including Cnet. There is a water jet machine shop next to my office. The […]

How to Stop Stammering

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Stammering is a disorder which obstructs the normal flow and timing of speech. Stammering which is also called stuttering can seriously affect a person’s ability to communicate with others. Last week I was at the local hardware shop to buy a tire pressure gauge and another guy came to buy a hand tool for his […]